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Home of Chris and Jeremy Leidhecker


Drums & Percussion

Nashville, TN

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performing live with Michael W. Smith:

live studio recording with The Neverhawks at The Silent Planet in Nashville, TN:

live drums on an electronic track:


an original funk playalong track:


tracking drums for artist Lockwood Barr:


tracking drums for some original music titled Thinking:


Selected Discography & Credits


Michael W. Smith - A Million Lights - (2018)

The Neverhawks - Signs - (2018)
Chip Greene - In My Town - (2018)
Benan - No Gavel, No Sword - 2017
Maddy Ruff - Tell Me Not To Worry (single) - 2017
Will Pellerin - Lost And Found (single) - 2017
Lockwood Barr - Signs Along the Road - 2016
Hanna Rae - Rookie in the Ring - 2015
The Mark Arroyo Trio - Juliana (single) - 2013


Michael W. Smith (current)

Timbre (current)

Drum Tracking Samples